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My Deviantart Story.

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 1:09 PM
Wow, so, for 5-6 years, I've been a Deviant from Deviantart. 

When I first started getting into Deviantart, I was in the 8th grade. I only doodled a little bit, and I always looked up at these amazing artists that I met on a daily basis on dA. I drew a lot of Sonic art and I even created small comics with my friends and their characters.
Natasha by Born2LiveLife Natasha and Celeste Chaos by Born2LiveLife
Ah, those were the days. There I created Natasha- my first ever character.  
Soon, my brother had almost married a girl who was an Artist at trade- and she really wanted to get me into Art, so she gave me a version of Photoshop.
Sometimes I wonder if they had never met... Where would I be with my art? 
This is my FIRST EVER photoshopped picture. 
First Photoshoped Pic by Born2LiveLife
We had some good times- And then, I met someone. 
Someone who was unlike any other person in the world to me. 
Puppy Love by Born2LiveLife OMg My Co0kiE by Born2LiveLife
This guy came into my life and probably changed it forever. Even though we were long distance, We loved each other and the things he would do and say were the most amazing thing to me. Even though it only lasted a little more than half of a year, those innocent years were some of the sweetest things in my life. 
Just a path that was meant to be split, and I'm okay with that. 

Soon after that experience, I started getting into drawing dogs and wolves. 
Fluffy Puppies by Mikaishmu O K A M I by Mikaishmu
I wasn't too experienced with Photoshop still, but I tried my hardest in everything I did. I didn't pay a lot of attention to Anatomy or anything like that, and it took me a while to actually understand what I was doing.
Slowly I started understanding Light and Color better, and I tried harder at making things look a little more realistic.
You're Going Down by Mikaishmu Time of your life by Mikaishmu
There came a time when I started focusing intently on Fur and that kind of shading- and when I worked really hard, the result was usually nice. 
Second Chance by Mikaishmu Okami and Issun by Mikaishmu
I was still missing something though, Every once in a while I would struggle. 
But then, an emotional struggle hit me, And it started to show through my art.
the Fight Inside : . by Mikaishmu -Into the night- by Mikaishmu
I was in pain- A pain that I couldn't explain or get rid of. 
The only way that I could release it was through art or through talking to someone, but I couldn't talk, so my art became a little more and more painful. 
A lot of the art I made through that time in my life doesn't exist anymore. I deleted a lot of it because it reminded me of the bad things that had happened. 
This one is the last of that existing pain.
.:Agony:. Old Vent art by SemiFloating

There was a resting period of my art because of this- And when I came back to Mikaishmu, I didn't want to go through that gallery anymore. So I created SemiFloating. C: 
Don't get me wrong, I wasn't completely okay at this point. Instead of being depressed... I was starting to fight my problem in my life. 
My art showed.
::Vengence:: by SemiFloating -You're Going Down- by SemiFloating

I always portrayed this monster as bigger than the wolf, because It was something that seemed that big to me. 
Soon within this time frame, I started actually getting better. It was hard, but I got help. 
My art started becoming MUCH more lively and colorful.
Best of Friends : Speedpaint by SemiFloating M y k o n o s : . by SemiFloating Green Meadows :. Commission by SemiFloating
I was starting to see the beauty in life. 
Shortly after this pain, I met someone else. 
Green Eyes :. by SemiFloating Pesky:. by SemiFloating
The guy I probably loved the most out of all of them.
To make a long story short, I was hurt.
Don't go get mad at him though, he's a man.. 
And is allowed to do what he likes I suppose. 

The vent art was from the following break-up
(.: Migraine :.) by SemiFloating
And then when I felt better, I made this.
|: No longer the Slave :| by SemiFloating
After that happened to me, I took yet again another really long break from art at all. 
I finished up school, and then decided that it was time to start again.
It was that time that I was introduced to Dust: an Elysian Tail from one of my best friends, So naturally, I loved the game so much that I just HAD to draw Fan art of it.
Dancing with Dust:. by SemiFloating Dust: An Elysian Tail- [DUST STORM] Wallpaper:. by SemiFloating Fidget:. Speedpainting by SemiFloating

And that's where we are in my story. 
What about the future, Semi?
I guess we won't know, but it all depends huh. C: 

If there's ever a way to go, it's moving forward :heart:

Semifloating :tea:


Semi Floating Avatar Commission by DeliriouStudios Rismae icon 1 by NAMEY-D0G PC: Rismae by NAMEY-D0G Rismae Icon - SemiFloating by shademist030 :CO: Magic is magic by SparklyWitch rismae ds icon by preparanoid

You're welcome for the Watches, Fav's, and everything else.
:heart: I love you all :heart:


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